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Busting Tech Career Myths, Part 6 My Kids Wont Listen to Me

Busting Tech Career Myths, Part 6 My Kids Wont Listen to Me In earlier posts in this myth-busting series, Ive stressed that blasting misperceptions about tech careers is a professional mission for me as a technologist and technology-industry mentor devoted to drawing new generations of workers into our field.Per this objective, Ive so far dismantled five delusions about technology jobsTechnology is all about coding, math, and science.Working in technology requires a four-year college degree.If its notlage at Facebook or Google, its not a technology job.A tech career means being stuck at a desk.Money is the main benefit of a tech job.In plus-rechnen to being a professional duty, debunking these misapprehensions also stokes my passion as a parent of four kids. Thats why pulling apart the sixth myth in our series gives me particular pleasureMyth No. 6 My Kids Wont Listen to MeIn the latest CompTIA research,Youth Opinions of Careers in Information Technol ogy,we asked 1000 teens in the 13-17 age bracket where they turn for career guidance. Parents/family was among the top three answers given. This follows a strong trend established by our 2015 research,where the most frequent answer to a similar question was parents and guardians. At 68 percent, that answer was given mora than two times more often than teachers (28 percent) and school counselors (25 percent).Two years ago, the demographics of our sample group were different, as we focused on minority teens living in urban areas. Plus, the questions were structured differently, which also could account for varying outcomes. But regardless of these variations, the results of both studies confirm an important finding Teens do listen to their parents. Maybe not all the time about everything, butcertainly more often than parents think they do especially when the topic is as important as their future.Educating parents about issues and options in schooling for tech careers is just as criti cal as teaching teens about their career options. Why? Because parenting along any dimension is demanding work that could always use a helping hand.I understand the challenge firsthand. As the chief executive of a philanthropic organization, Im comfortable speaking to diverse groups of people in business situations of many kinds at this point in my life, but nothing prepares you for dealing with an angry or hurt teenager. I had my share of doors slammed in my face by my stepdaughter, Lindsay, during her teenage years. When the discussion wasnt quite so heated, I also had many moments talking to my stepson, Dylan, and Lindsay with the sinking feeling that my words were falling on deaf ears.(Im not out the woods yet, by the way. My last two children arent too far from middle school.)Its not pleasant, that sense of futility, because you care deeply, and you want to help with every means at your disposal. Thats why I wrote How to Launch Your Teens Career in Technology A Parents Guide to the T in STEM Education.In the guide, I cover some key subjects that will help in conversations with kids about tech careers.(The book is available to Recruiter Today readers at a 10 percent discount visit and enter BLOG17 as the coupon code.)Lindsay and Dylan are in their mid-20s now. Although they live outside of the house, we see them once or twice a week. Almost every time we are together, we talk about their jobs, how to grow in their careers, and how to manage people. Lindsay especially has been asking for leadership advice as she now has staff reporting to her. Its a gratifying feeling after all those years of wondering if the messages were taking root.For the final installment of our myth-toppling trip, Ill discredit Tech jobs are going overseas.Charles Eaton is executive vice president of social innovation forCompTIAand CEO ofCreating IT Futures.

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The 6 Best Careers for Introverts

The 6 Best Careers for Introverts The 6 Best Careers for Introverts The modern workplace holds many challenges for introverts. The noise and distractions of open-plan offices are not conducive to an introverts best work, and collaborativeporjects areoften prioritized above individual efforts.In the right roles, however, introverts canreally thrive. Here are six careers where introverts can use their gift for calm, focused effort to its fullest1. The Legal ProfessionWhenyou think of the legal field,you might immediately imagine an extraverted lawyer confidently declaiming aloud in front of a courtroom. In reality, as many as 60 percent of lawyers may be introverts.It makes sense when you start to think about it. The nitty-gritty of legal work involves a lot of preparation and strategizing. Lawyers spend the majority of their time researching, writing, and preparing strong arguments for cases. Introverts are particularly well suited for such long stretches of solo work.2.Creative Wor kThe digital age is fueled by content of all forms, from videos and photos to blogs and articles. There are a wealth of jobs and freelance assignments available for videographers, photographers, and writers, all of whom do the majority of work on their own.Contrary to popular belief, introverts can also be social media influencers and vloggers - as long as they can control the amount of interaction they have with their audiences and recharge when needed.3.Research WorkExtraverts might struggle with being shut in a room or lab for hours, poring over results and writing reports. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to enjoy their own company and concentrating on specialized tasks. Any research role in any field, from medical to academia to industry analysis, is perfect for introverted employees.In some research roles, you may have topresentyour findings regularly to a group. Introverts can become good public speakers, but it may require some practice. If you decide to take a research role that involves public speaking, be sure to always give yourself time to prepare and rehearse ahead of your presentation.4.The TechIndustryThe tech industry is often associated with the image of a programmer sitting alone at a task, typing away. Because they require long periods of working alone, many tech roles are good for introverts, from system administration and software engineering to data analysis, data science, and web development. As an added bonus, jobs in this field also tend topay well.5. Social Media ManagementWith the word social in its title, youd be forgiven for thinking thisisnt a goodfield for introverts. However, the majority of social media management involves behind-the-scenes work creating content, responding to comments, and answering questions.Introverts are good listeners, which makes them good at developing content that appeals to audiences. They also tend to think carefully before they speak, allowing them to keep a cool head during PR crises.6. Running a BusinessRunning your own freelance business involves a lot of individual work. It also offers a lot of autonomy and flexibility, which can appeal to introverts in particular. Skills like coding, writing, carpentry, and plumbing all lend themselves to self-employment, if that is a road you are interested in taking.Believe it or not, introverts can also be successful CEOs. In fact, one study found the highest-performing CEOs tend to be more introverted. Strong leadersare reliable, thoughtful, and consistent in their actions - which just so happen to be three of an introverts biggest strengths. Additionally, because introverts are good listeners, they are more likely to solicit and value ideas from their employees. This leads to both more innovation and more engaged workers, which are critical forbusiness success today.- Ultimately, theres no single best role for introverts, because a career involves a lot more than just a job. Your happiness hinges on your colleagues, your manager , the company culture, your work style, and even where you work.So, if youre an introvert looking for the right career, take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, plus the kind of work you enjoy and the environment youre most comfortable working in. Even if you find a role you love, it isnt going to be suitable if you have to collaborate with a lot of people or work in an open-plan office.Izaak Crook is the content marketing manager at AppInstitute.

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Military Offenses Statute of Limitations

Military Offenses Statute of LimitationsMilitary Offenses Statute of LimitationsQuestion Is there a statue of limitations for military offenses? Answer Yes. Article 43 of the UCMJ concerns statue of limitations. In regards to nonjudicial punishment, under Article 15, the accused cannot be punished if the offense was committed more than two years from the date of the Article 15 action. For court-martials, the statute of limitations is five years, except for any offense where the maximum permissible punishment is death, and for absent without leave (AWOL) or missing movement in time of war. In such cases, there are no statute of limitations. Certain circumstances can extend the statute of limitations. For example, periods in which the accused was absent from territory in which the United States has the authority to apprehend him, or AWOL fleeing justice, or in the custody of civil authorities, or in the hands of the enemy, are excluded in computing the period of limitation.

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Travel and Hospitality Resume Template 2018s Top Format

Travel and Hospitality Resume Template 2018s Top FormatTravel and Hospitality Resume Template - 2018s Top FormatWhat Its Like to Work in the Travel Hospitality FieldIf youre a people-person, then a job in the travel and hospitality field is for you. Most jobs within this profession involve working in hotels, resorts, and restaurants. However, you may find yourself working on cruise ships, at amusement parks, or overseeing RV parks and recreational campsites.Your general goal when working within this field is to ensure that guests are happy. Entry-level positions usually involve serving guests directly in some capacity, whether it means serving food or arranging temporary transportation. In plus-rechnen to meeting customer needs, management positions within this field involve also include making hiring and firing decisions and training new employees.Benefits of Working in the Travel Hospitality FieldAs a travel or hospitality employee, you can expect to earn about $63,000 annually , according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. Salaries falling under this occupation description range from around $29,000 annually through more than $100k for management positions. Youre likely to earn more when working for a hotel or resort as opposed to working in a similar position at independently owned restaurants and hotels.You can expect to work steady hours, with entry-level employees often earning additional tips from satisfied customers. Jobs within this field tend to be readily available due to an ongoing demand. While there is a high turnover for entry-level positions, management jobs tend to be fairly steady.Why You Need a ResumeEven if youre not applying for a travel and hospitality job in states like Nevada, Delaware, and New York where you can expect a higher pay rate, a well-crafted resume still puts your best assets on display by highlighting all relevant experience and education. Take a moment to check out the travel and hospitality resume examples on Resu me-Now to get started with your own travel and hospitality resume.Travel and Hospitality Resume TemplatesAmusement ParksCruise ShipsTourismHow to write a Travel and Hospitality ResumeBrainstorm your accomplishments Using a separate piece of paper, brainstorm your achievements.Find a strong Travel and Hospitality resume sample to use as a resource Choose from our extensive assortment of resume samples to find one that helps you craft your own.Design a header to place at the top of your Travel and Hospitality resume Make a header that includes the following information your full name, email address, phone number, and personal website (if you have one).Make a direct summary anschauung that focuses on the companys wants Set up a summary statement that encompasses your skills, accomplishments, and a general sense of your professional identity. Review the job description to make sure that you address the companys needs as well.Include your skills in a qualifications or areas of expert ise section Next, make a list of your professional abilities for your Travel and Hospitality resume. Ensure that each talent is applicable to the job description.Illustrate your work history as a work experience section in your Travel and Hospitality resume List the jobs youve had in reverse chronological order. Write the dates you worked, the position you held, and the name of the company.Give an in-depth look at your Travel and Hospitality work history In bullet point form, detail your duties and achievements at each job. Use the list you made in step one as a guide. Make sure your points are applicable to the job description.Present your education Think of the highest degree or diploma you received. Write the name of the degree or diploma you obtained, where you got it, and the year you graduated (or will graduate).

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Customize this Outstanding Entry Level Fitness Instructors Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Entry Level Fitness Instructors Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Entry Level Fitness Instructors Resume TemplateWith the current trend of healthy living, the demand for fitness instructors is on the rise. Scheduling flexibility and moderate educational requirements also increase the number of people choosing a fitness career path. To stand out against the competition, your resume needs to be memorable.If you dont have direct job experience, put more emphasis on your skills to balance out your resume. Extra training on specialized techniques or knowledge of nutritional needs should be listed in your highlights section to help you get your foot in the door of a potential employer.Check out the entry-level fitness instructors resume vorlage below for ideas on how to craft a resume that wins you an interview. Create ResumeRyan Collins 100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 910191 C (555) 322-7337 SummaryEnergetic, motivated Yoga te acher who is highly organized and skilled at balancing the needs of clients in both personal and professional capacities. Dedicated to sharing the mental and physical experience of Yoga with beginner and experienced students. Able to design sequences for all Yoga levels as well as the ability to adapt practice per studio need. Skills200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training GraduateYoga Alliance certifiedKnowledge in Vinyassa, Flow, Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini, Qi Gong, and BikramPrivately insured Well organizedCustomer friendlyCPR/AED certifiedPerform well in high-demand, fast-paced, and professional environmentsFast learningExcellent verbal communicationProfessional Experience07/2013 to CurrentYoga InstructorYMCA San Diego, CATeach weekly Restorative classes. Substitute teacher for Power Flow classes.07/2013 to CurrentYoga InstructorBeing Fit San Diego, CASubstitute teacher for Vinyassa style classes.08/2013 to CurrentYoga InstructorYoga One San Diego, CATeach free flow classes.09/2011 to 05/2012Yoga Instructor Mall Yoga Washington, DCInstructor for a donation based yoga class for university students on the Mall once a week.Education and Training2013Yoga One San Diego San Diego, CA200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course taught by Amy Caldwell and Diana Beardsley at Yoga One Studio2012Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice and menschengerecht Services The George Washington University Washington, DCMember of George Washington Debate TeamCustomize ResumeMore Beauty and Spa Resume TemplatesMassage Therapy Resume Templates

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Not being a jerk is more important than how well you can do the job

Not being a jerk is mora important than how well you can do the jobNot being a jerk is more important than how well you can do the jobA popular narrative put forth by business schools and Steve Jobs worshippers is that jerks get ahead and prosper because we will permit an employees unpleasant social shortcomings if the results are worth it.Fred Kiel, founder of leadership firm KRW International, said that the successful jerk myth persists because we are taught to reframe toxic behavior as good leadership. So theyre a little rough on people At least theyre taking action, theyre action oriented he said. Its embedded in the wallpaper in business schools, its embedded in our psyches.But multiple studies have found that theres a limit to how far you can go being a jerk co-worker. Competent jerks can use their boorish bullying, narcissistic charisma, and manipulative mind games to get into leadership - but if they succeed its despite being a jerk, not because of it.Jerks ultimately hurt a companys bottom-line because they lose companies time and money with turnover and hiring and training costs. No one wants to work with a jerk, and well flee to other companies to avoid them. A Harvard Business School paper calculated that avoiding a toxic hire can save a company an estimated $12,489.Study We value likability over competenceWe dislike jerk co-workers so much that when faced with the choice between a competent jerk and a lovable fool, one study found that well take the fool.Tiziana Casciaro and Miguel Sousa Lobo studied more than 10,000 work relationships at small and big organizations to see how we pick work partners.We found that if someone is strongly disliked, its almost irrelevant whether or not she is competent people wont want to work with her anyway. By contrast, if someone is liked, his colleagues will seek out every little bit of competence he has to offer, the researchers said.The lessons of Facebooks BozThe case of veteran Facebook executive Andrew Boz Bo sworth shows how being a superstar cant save you if no one wants to work with you. Bosworth revealed that he welches almost fired when he was running one of the social media giants most successful products, Newsfeed, in 2015, because his callously indifferent actions had alienated his co-workers. This behavior resulted in him being pulled from the Newsfeed product. Bosworth said that when he demanded to know why he was being sidelined as a successful engineer, then-Facebook CTO Dustin Moskovitz showed him anonymous quotes of employees acknowledging his brains but also admitting they would not want to work on his team. For Bosworth, the feedback was a wakeup call.I thought my job was to be right. I thought that was how I proved my worth to the company. But that was all wrong, he wrote in a blog post. My job was to get things done and doing anything meaningful past a certain point requires more than one person. If you are right but nobody wants to work with you, then how valuable are you really? How much can you realistically expect to accomplish on your own?The value of civilityWhat these stories show is that how you make your co-workers feel matters as much, and sometimes even more, than what you actually accomplish at a company.Working on a successful team means you prioritize civility and congeniality as much as deliverables and deadlines, because being a jerk genius will certainly get you noticed - but that attention can sour into notoriety and sometimes even job-ending failure.

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The Unexpected Truth About Pharmacy Tech Resume Samples

The Unexpected Truth About Pharmacy Tech Resume Samples Pharmacy Tech Resume Samples - Overview After you receive a job, you barely have enough time to do laundry. You dont know who might have a great idea. On the flip side, if just the notion of spending hours crafting the perfect resume is providing you a headache, dont hesitate to use our resume builder to receive it done in minutes Sowrite the remainder of your resume first. Our resume builder (you are able to create your resume here) will offer you tips and examples on the best way to compose your resume expert summary section. An expert profile summary is nearly always best. 1 web page is better however if in the event you have over five decades of expertise, it is going to be hard to receive it to 1 web page. 1 A resume summary is a brief, snappy introduction paragraph that offers a summary of your very best work. Your objective needs to be aligned with the standard job and typical department you would like to cat er to. In the long term, stating a target is optional, but it may help convince employers that you understand what youd like and know the company enterprise. When you would like to locate a job, you have to have a plan of action to help you accomplish your aims. Volunteer experience is also a great add-on to healthcare resumes since it shows the hiring manager you have compassion off the work too. Your jobs could possibly be varied, your experience and abilities vast, and it can be hard getting it all on paper. Its also highly advised to tailor the work application to demonstrate the way by which your projects experience specifically fulfills the demands of the job which if youre attempting to get. Dont neglect to take a look at local employment agencies. The Lost Secret of Pharmacy Tech Resume Samples You play a valuable function in organizing the pharmacy and make certain everything is in order. The same as the condition formulation, the overall objective has to be framed in 1 sentence. The work description of an inpatient pharmacy technician is like that of technicians who are employed in an industrial pharmacy, except they receive medication orders from hospital staff, instead of receiving prescriptions straight from the patient. A pharmacy technicians job is to work with the key pharmacist and help her or him in delivering the correct medication to the clients. Which usually means you ought to define an original goal for each work application. Additionally, time working as an RN may shed light on if its the chemistry student would delight in working in medicine farther down the road and whether or not medical school is a great idea. Thoughts revolving around what you would like to do in your career will end in the response to the most essential question. A good deal of times there are particular abilities or knowledge that pharmacists want in a candidate that are tough to include in different elements of your resume. The task of the pharma cy technician is to offer assistance to pharmacists so the pharmacist can free some time for the more complicated facets of their duties. When it is for hospital or retail pharmacy positions, they need individuals who would give the very best tafelgeschirr to their clients. Pharmacies are always watching for Pharmacy Technicians with the competencies and expertise to help them manage the many distinct functions of the organization. Customer service is a critical element in many jobs and its imperative that you concentrate on that in your resume. If youre muddled while deciding on the ideal download manager, we are here as a way to aid you. The expert experience section of our how to compose a resume guide is another great resource should you feel that you still need more help. Among the absolute most critical design choices which can be produced on your job application is the font. If you wish to make online flipbooks for a provider then Yudu is a fantastic selection. The area of business is huge and theres an excellent selection of positions offered in it. The extra skills section is the ideal distributions-mix to incorporate such a basic, but essential skills. Despite no experience, you still ought to show experience. Most importantly, do not specifically mention you have zero experience in policing. The Most Popular Pharmacy Tech Resume Samples You dont require experience to get achievements. Also, be certain to incorporate any distinctive honors or achievements you have gotten. When youre able to communicate your achievements and talents in a constructive strategy, then you might have a superb likelihood of obtaining a name for an interview. Your measurable achievements help it become real.